From contemporary to traditional, our wood burning fireplaces & inserts will bring warmth and beauty to your home

Studies have shown that most of the heat generated by a traditional, wood burning fireplace goes up the chimney and not into the home and they should not be considered a heating device. If you are interested in a fireplace that provides both beauty and heat throughout the winter, browse the EPA certified fireplace inserts shown below. Browse the “decorative wood burning” examples if you are primarily interested in ambiance and style.


EPA Certified High Efficiency
When you choose an EPA certified high efficiency fireplace from High Country Fireplaces, you are getting a fireplace that meets the standards set by the EPA for wood burning fireplaces. Our EPA certified high efficiency fireplaces offer comfort and warmth heating up to 2500 sq ft just like a furnace. And they are beautiful.

Benefits of a high efficiency fireplace include:
Superior heat output
1/3 less wood for the same amount of heat
Up to 50% more energy efficient
Reduces wood smoke and CO2 which has been linked to various health conditions
Saves money and resources


Update your old wood fireplace with an insert that will revive your masonry fireplace and the entire room. Wood fireplace inserts are designed to fit into existing masonry fireplaces.

Many styles, sizes, and options are available to make your mason fireplace look beautiful and match your décor. And a fireplace insert will make your fireplace work amazingly well, turning it into a heating machine. Inserts are a relatively low-cost option when compared to a complete renovation to replace your existing masonry fireplace or install a gas fireplace. A fashionable choice, inserts can change the ambiance of a room from traditional or rustic to contemporary.

Enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a real wood fireplace with a fireplace insert from High Country Fireplaces.

Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplaces

If your heart is set on having a realistic, wood burning fireplace, consider the Mason-Lite modular masonry fireplace.

It is made of a combination of volcanic pumice stone and concrete. The pumice stone absorbs the heat and reflects it back into the home while the concrete gives the structure strength. Mason-Lite fireplaces are surprisingly lightweight and easy to install without the need for complicated reinforcements. These units costs a fraction of traditional masonry fireplaces and will last a lifetime. They are available in many sizes and shapes, and the interior brick can be customized.

High Country Fireplaces is awesome. They installed multiple fireplaces of different kinds and sizes in my house. The equipment they installed is top quality and hasn’t given us any trouble. Their installation service was also timely and professional. I enjoyed using them so much I recommended them to a family member that built a house and they were extremely satisfied as well. Keep up the good work Eric and Greg.

B Eddins

We use High Country Fireplaces for all of our fireplace needs around Lake James! Eric is great to take care of us and the installers always do a great job! They provide accurate pricing up front and follow up with great service! All important traits for me, as a custom home builder!

Jeremy Warlick

Fast, friendly service during initial sales, installation and service after the sale. Knowledgeable on all aspects of myriad brands of fireplaces and stoves. Installation expertise unparalleled in the industry.

Thomas Garrett

Very pleasant customer service oriented. He went out of his way to find best gas see-through fireplace for our contemporary home that was very affordable. Last year before an unusually large snow storm Eric really hustled and made sure everyone that wanted or needed servicing was taken care of and had working fireplaces before the cold snap when HVAC units could use the assistance.

Melissa Lynn Tello

Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Showroom is fully functional and represents their products well.

Kevin Kleinhans

I purchased two fireplaces from High Country Fireplaces 10 years ago and they are still working like new. The installation and the follow up that we received from this company has been amazing. They met each installation date as scheduled and stayed within the budget of $10,000. They sold me exactly what was needed. There was no pressure to buy more than was needed. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Steve Bryan




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